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Current Issue

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Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

Individuals and the Arts

Widowhood, Remarriage, and Power

Chaucer's Wife of Bath and Medieval Sex Positivity

Emmaline May, Sewanee University

(Han) and the Statue of Peace

Transforming the Intangible to Tangible through Sculpture

Arina Cho, Pepperdine University

Artemisia Gentileschi's Reclamation of the "Power of Women" Trope

Radical Female Self-Expression in Renaissance Art

Joseph D'Alfonso, Vanderbilt University 

Catherine the Great

"Legal" Monarch & Feminist Philosopher-Queen

William Ledesma, Vanderbilt University

Activism and the State

The Legacy of MaVynee 'Beach Lady' Betsch

Fighting for Black Beach Access since 1975

Lauren Grohowski, Vanderbilt University

For Riveters of the Past, the Future Isn't So Rosy

An Analysis of American Women in the Workplace After WWII

Ainsley Gill, Vanderbilt University

Legal Intervention by the Medical Field under National Moral Crisis

The Vilification of Abortion-Practitioners under Nineteenth-Century

United States Abortion Policy

Maegan Hoch, Appalachian State University

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