SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN for our 2021-2022 edition!

Submit your pieces via this Google Form: https://forms.gle/vPZ7MvgTV2fPadkU6

Submission Deadline: December 1, 2021

For additional inquiries, please contact: vanderbilt.historicalreview@gmail.com


Publication in the review is highly selective and rigorous. Each submission passes through a blind peer review process and is assessed on academic merit, originality, and historical relevance. We are looking for pieces that exhibit originality, clarity, and strong relevance to history. If a submission is accepted, its author will be notified and the editorial process will commence. This process ensures that submissions are free of errors and have all the characteristics of scholarly writing when published.


For the 2021-2022 year, we will be publishing one edition.

For articles: ideal article submissions are between 2500 and 8500 words; submissions longer than this may be shortened appropriately during the review process. Please refrain from submitting theses that are significantly longer than 8500 words.


For book reviews: the preferred word count is 750-2500 words. They may cover any topic that directly focuses on the past, or the past as we interpret it today. Submitted reviews must be of academic publications (preferably by a university press) published within 5 years of the submission deadline. If the reviewed work is of a yet-to-be-published manuscript, there must be a confirmed date of publication that is within 6 months of the submission deadline.


In order to be considered for publication, submissions must meet the following requirements:


  • The email must adhere to the following guidelines:

    • Subject/title of email must be in the format “Submission for 2021-2022: <Short title here>”
      (See below for clarification on “Short title”)

    • Include author name, preferred name, and university in email body.

    • The submission file/document itself must have the name of the author removed from all pages as well as the filename itself.

  • The author must be an undergraduate student or must have graduated no earlier than the spring of 2021.

  • Authors may only submit one work for consideration per issue.

  • Authors must be willing to commit upon acceptance to an editorial review process (~2-3 weeks) in which our editors will prepare the submission for publication.

  • The submission must not have been previously published in any student, professional, or academic publication. Because the work will be put into Vanderbilt’s archives, we require the author(s) to sign a distribution agreement form (provided upon acceptance).

  • Submissions must adhere to rules outlined in the most recent publication of the Chicago Manual of Style. Articles written using MLA and APA must have citation format converted before submission.

  • Submissions must have a title composed of both a short title (up to 50 characters) followed by a long title (up to 125 characters). For example, “Art as Power: The Medici Family as Magi in the Fifteenth Century.” (“Art as Power” constitutes the short title, and “The Medici Family as Magi in the Fifteenth Century” constitutes the long title)

  • Article submissions must be divided into at least 3 sections with relevant section titles.

  • Submissions must have an abstract of 50-100 words (which can be provided after acceptance)

  • Submissions documents should not be in PDF

  • We accept Word Document submissions, though we only work with authors via Google Documents