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VHR Issue VIII.png

Fall 2023 - Spring 2024

Released on the anniversary of the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement in 1998

Current Issue

Policy & Presence

An Speir Bhean (The Spirit Woman) to Ireland

The Forgotten Successes of Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith

Stephanie Harmon Hood, Vanderbilt University

Tugboat Tug-of-War

The Torrijos-Carter Treaties

Ethan Ross, The University of Chicago

The Start of the Cold War in American Media

Max Kohn, Vanderbilt University

Festering and Nudging

Navigating American Foreign Policy in Response to the Algerian War

George Boardman, Vanderbilt University

Drilling the Dream

The Union Oil Company and the Spark of Western Monopoly 1900-1910

Zachary Gitlin, University of Southern California

Pat Maginnis

"One Woman's Abortion Crusade" with the SHA and ARAL

Claire Reber, Vanderbilt University

Movements & Memory

No Trophies for Second Place

William O'Neill, Vanderbilt University

Abolitionist Artifacts

How Objects Helped End the Slave Trade Within the British Empire

Jordan Mundy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The Sound of Silence

Inundation of Celilo Falls

Lisette Isiordia, Pepperdine University

The Segregationist's Scalawag

Reconstruction Memory, Public Pedagogy, and the Rhetoric of Reaction in the Civil Rights South

Max Goldkuhle, College of William and Mary

Infiltrating the Enemy

Police, Military, and Internal Colonialism in the Black Power Movement and Vietnam

Claire Lee, University of Southern California

Land, Labor, and Education

The Emergence of the Savannah Ghetto

Noah Maxwell, Princeton University


Identity & Religion

The Making of Female Martyrs in the Age of Revolutions

Ariana Kretz, University of California, Berkeley

The "Poet's Corner"

Women and Classical Reception in Colonial Maryland

Hilary Gallito, Johns Hopkins University

Gender Ideals in Mesoamerica

A Case of Cultural Contact and Collision

Catherine Stevick, Emory University

Purgatory and Possession

The Unique Mysticism of Afro-Latina Mystics Úrsula de Jesús and Rosa Maria Egipcíaca

Contessa St. Clair, Johns Hopkins University


Faculty Interviews

Dr. Jefferson Cowie

Muthoni Kamau & Sam Schulman

Dr. Samuel Dolbee

Claire Chen

Dr. Ruth Rogaski

Philips He

Dr. Samira Sheikh

Claire Chen

Dr. Paul A. Kramer

William Ledesma

Back Cover Photos of Issue VIII 

Photos generously provided by Stephanie Harmon Hood

Description of photos provided in "About the Cover" Letter

Jean Kennedy Smith with Wexford County Council members Eamonn Hore and Tony & Gemma Dempsey (Hood Family Collection).png

Jean Kennedy Smith with Wexford County Council members Eamonn Hore
and Tony & Gemma Dempsey (Hood Family Collection)

Jean Kennedy Smith in the 1930s (Hood Family Collection).png

Jean Kennedy Smith in the 1930s (Hood Family Collection) 

Stephanie Harmon Hood and Jean Kennedy Smith in the 2000s (Hood Family Collection).png

Stephanie Harmon Hood and Jean Kennedy Smith in the 2000s (Hood Family Collection) 

The VHR Archive

Below are Vanderbilt Historical Review's previous publications since our founding in 2015. Our first publication was the Spring 2016 Issue.

Photo is The Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee

VHR Issue 7.jpg

Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

Individuals and the Arts

Widowhood, Remarriage, and Power

Chaucer's Wife of Bath and Medieval Sex Positivity

Emmaline May, Sewanee University

(Han) and the Statue of Peace

Transforming the Intangible to Tangible through Sculpture

Arina Cho, Pepperdine University

Artemisia Gentileschi's Reclamation of the "Power of Women" Trope

Radical Female Self-Expression in Renaissance Art

Joseph D'Alfonso, Vanderbilt University 

Catherine the Great

"Legal" Monarch & Feminist Philosopher-Queen

William Ledesma, Vanderbilt University

Activism and the State

The Legacy of MaVynee 'Beach Lady' Betsch

Fighting for Black Beach Access since 1975

Lauren Grohowski, Vanderbilt University

For Riveters of the Past, the Future Isn't So Rosy

An Analysis of American Women in the Workplace After WWII

Ainsley Gill, Vanderbilt University

Legal Intervention by the Medical Field under National Moral Crisis

The Vilification of Abortion-Practitioners under Nineteenth-Century United States Abortion Policy

Maegan Hoch, Appalachian State University

VHR 21-22 article.png

Fall 2021

The Oppositional Presence Blackness and Whiteness in the Popular Press During the Austin Murders of the Nineteenth Century

Martha Beliveau, Grinnell College


The Tour de France of Coffee Parisian, Provincial, and Domestic Café Culture during the Bourbon Restoration, 1815-1830

Kellie Giordano, University of North Carolina at Charlotte


The Mystique of the Virtuous Terrorist Russian Revolutionary Terrorism in the 1860s and 1870s Rachel Nirenberg, McGill University 


Monuments as Mediators of Memory The Casa del Fascio e dell’Ospitalita in Predappio, Italy

Samuel Fox, Dartmouth College 


Protest, Peace, and Memory Linn Park’s Role in Birmingham’s Resilient City Image

Emily Thorington, Samford University


Polari and Camp Homosexual Anti-language and Evolution of Camp Identity in Britain  

Grey Cooper, McGill University 


Balkan Neo-Nationalism Right-wing Reconstruction of the Macedonian Identity and National Awakening

Nikola Kajmakoski, Loyola University Chicago


“Freedom Through Education” Anarchism and the “Ferrer School,” c.1909-1915

Amelia Christofis, University College London


Empire in the Street Public Fountains as Markers of Ottoman Urban History 1453-1800

Sean Silvia, University of Southern California 

VHR S2020 updated.png

Spring 2020

A Shared Exodus:  Analyzing the Multi-Confessional Consumption of Abraham Ortelius’s Map of Palestine

Arman Kassam, Stanford University


Una Patria, Un Caudillo:  Nationalist Propaganda in The Spanish Civil War

Jack Meloro, University of Notre Dame


Ostpolitik’s Critic and Champion:  The Role of Henry Kissinger in Shaping West Germany’s Eastern Policy

Yasmin Samrai, Stanford University


Declarations of Loyalty:  The Japanese American Struggle to Prove their Loyalty in the Days Following the Attack on Pearl Harbor

Mason Medeiros, Vanderbilt University

Incarcerated Care-Givers:  Japanese Healthcare Workers as the Negotiators and the Negotiated At the Heart Mountain and Tule Lake Camps, 1943

Sarah Jho, Yale University 


The Imperial Public at War:  The Burgeoning of Civil Society during the Russo-Japanese War

Robin Bradley, The College of William and Mary


James Baldwin in Paris: Liberation, Alienation, and Existentialism

Sophia Loughlin, Johns Hopkins University

Fall 2019

Reproductive Rights and Neoliberal Ideology in Peru, 1990-2000

Anne Yates Pinkney

Frederick Douglass’ 1848 The Influence of European Revolutions and the Call for Political Antislavery Violence

Alec Israeli


The Video Game War Information and Secrecy in Operation Desert Storm

Dalia Bresnick


A Reconceptualization of “Victor’s Justice” The United Kingdom in the International Military Tribunal for the Far East

Alexandrea Keith


Powerful Women Claiming Authority in the Early Republic A Case Study On Elizabeth Powel

Erin Keaveny


“Le Plus Utile et le Mieux Écrit” La Comtesse de Genlis, Madame D’Épinay, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Pre-Revolutionary Literary Discourse on Motherhood and Education

Emma Ratzman


Competition, Charters, and Monopolies The Domestic Political Involvement of The East India Company in the British Revolutionary Period

Cy Abbott


Balancing Horatios Tracing the Posthumous Mythmaking and National Symbolization of Horatio Alger, Jr.

Cameron J. Wong


Tracing the “Triumph of the University”  Jefferson’s Tactics during the Virginia Education Debate of 1816-1819

Trent Kannegieter


The Nembe-Brass and the Royal Niger Company, 1856-1895 Political Transformations and the Emergence of Colonialism in the Niger Delta

Charlotte Waldman


“Read Our Articles in American Language” World War I and German-American Identity in German-language Newspapers in Chicago  

Mark Teitel


Flash Publications Exposing Hypocrisy & Imparting Titillating Sexuality in Antebellum New York City

Autumn Johnson

Spring 2019

Redefining Chinese American Citizenship Madame Chiang and the Repeal of Chinese Exclusion Laws in 1943

Cindy Kuang, Stanford University


The Case of the Cincinnatus American Neutral Trade in the British Wartime Legal Order Wenhao

Winston Du, Vanderbilt University

Conquest and the Code civil des Français The Code civil des Français and the Conquest of Enlightenment

William M. Kniep, University of Texas at Austin


“God and Liberty” Félicité de Lamennais and the French Catholic Faithful’s Disenchantment with Monarchy

Trent Kannegieter, Yale University


The Casualties of U.S. Grand Strategy ROK Exclusion from the San Francisco Peace Treaty

Syrus Jin, Washington University in St. Louis


Mother Columbia and Uncle Sam Transnational Korean Adoption as a Form of Cold War Soft Power  Julianna Marandola, Boston College


Divided by Poppy A Rhetorical Conflict between Missionaries and the British Government on Opium

Eric Zhang, Vanderbilt University


Domestic Diplomacy British Failures, American Intrigues, and Interventionalist Attitudes in the Lead-up to the Overthrow of Mohammed Mossadegh

Jonathan Caleb Harper, Vanderbilt University


Ideology in American Cold War Foreign Policy The Prague Spring Case study

Christopher Riehl, Western Kentucky University

Winter 2018

Valjean’s Escape: Photographs of Haussmann’s Underground Paris

Declan Riley Kunkel, Yale University


Tapping Productivity: Shock Work, Stakhanovism, and Working Class Identity in Central Asia

Perry Ivie Young, Columbia University


Cuban Sponges Scrub World: Sponge Fishing in Cuba’s Gulf of Batabanó (1890-1940)

Hannah Hauptman, Yale University


Buckley and His Bedfellows: Fusionism, Birchism, and the Rise of Conservative Populism

William Field, Yale University


“Every Man His Own Historian” Will Durant and the Price of Popularizing History

Crofton Kelly, Vanderbilt University


Pete Seeger and the Cold War Blacklist Authentic leadership through music in the face of un-Americanism

Nima Mohammadi, Duke University


Settlers, Savages, and Lesage Relations of Reciprocity in New France

Wen Li Teng, The University of Chicago


Sanitation as a Veil The Role of Complex Social Tensions in the Rise of Institutional Racism in Cape Town from 1899 to 1923

Stephanie Zhang, Vanderbilt University


Politicization of Memory: World War II as a Metaphor for Iraq

Patrick Mills, Vanderbilt University

Spring 2018

“O, Desolating War!” The Commemorative Poetry and Politics of Margaretta Faugeres, 1790s New York

Anna M. Lehrman


Questionable Progress Medical Treatment of Shell Shock in the First World War

Rachael E. Jones


British Influence In Operation Urgent Fury A Preliminary Study

Leon Lam


Rhetoric Against Pagans in St. Augustine’s City of God

Olivia L. Jensen


Anti-Communism, Gender, and Race in the Depression-Era South

Katherine Frances Cayton


Building Socialism with Cuban Characteristics Sino-Cuban Relations in the 1990s

Ashley Shiyan Sun


Gendered Justice Elizabeth Fry and the Success of Benevolent Reformation in Nineteenth-Century British Prisons

Dexter Docherty


Soviet Newspaper Coverage of McCarthyism

Frank Spence


“Our Exiled Eyes” Remembering Ireland in Argentina through The Southern Cross

Elizabeth A. Cowan


A Mistress’ Virtue: Women, Brutality, and Evangelicalism in the Slave South

Breck Radulovic


The Good Life: Reshaping Society and Social Values through Public Housing in Red Vienna

Mason J. Herleth


Useful and Beautiful Things: Lizzie Black Kander’s Space for Immigrants and Girls in Milwaukee

Natalie A. Hill


“We Will Give You The Pesos In Cash” Credit and Debt in Nahua Communities, 1540-1620

Fionn Adamian


From Clad in Irons to Ironclads: The Union Navy and Naval Emancipation, 1861-1863

Jonathan Feld

Spring 2017

“The Good War”: Forever Allied Area Bombardment and the Japanese-American Internment in US History Textbooks and Memory

J. Davis Winkie


Love (and Rebellion) Conquers All Why Japanese Women Risked Everything to Marry the ‘Enemy’ in the Aftermath of the Second World War

Madeline Sweitzer


The Forgotten Wreck of the Steamship Sultana How America Forgot the Deadliest Shipwreck in National History

Maggie Corbett


An Armenian from Macedonia The Origins of Emperor Basil I

Michael P. Goodyear


“Allow Me to Call Your Attention to the Situation of the Forts” Misreading the Importance of Defending Eastern North Carolina in the Civil War

Noah W. Janis


Art as Power The Medici Family as Magi in the Fifteenth Century

Janna Adelstein


The Value of Suffering American Civil War: Pensions and Public Perceptions of the Morally Deserving

Michelle Shang


The Race for Looted Gold Swiss: Bank Compliance and Shadow Banking During World War II

Robert Yee


The Making of a National Library: The Library of Congress as a Cultural Product of the Late-Nineteenth Century

Ellen Dement


Fighting for Their Livelihood The Distinctive Nature of American Privateering Culture During the War of 1812

Andrew Grafton


‘History in Bronze’: Reshaping National Narratives of Civil War Memory through Confederate Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery, 1868-1914

Caroline Fleischhauer


From Locke to Louboutin: Justifying Fashion Legal Protection with Philosophical Property Theories

Camille Edwards

Fall 2016

Yun Chi-ho at Vanderbilt: The Deep Roots of Collaboration

Christian Talley

The Crucible of Combat: Italian Soldiers’ Perspectives on the Second Italo-Ethiopian War

Ian Shank


“Pictures Worth More than Words”: The Fight for the True Representation of the Four Freedoms

Christopher Zhang


Textbooks as Common Ground: The Alignment of Conservative Activists Against the Texas State Board of Education

Ashton Dubey


The Preacher President: Jimmy Carter and His Public Outreach Program

Andrew K. Mengle


Calculated Caution: Seward and France’s Invasion of Mexico

Laura Grove


From Reform to Revolution: The Transformation of Confederate Ideology and its Legacy

Zachary S. Brown


Facing the Champion of the West: The Origins of Japan’s Wartime Jewish Policy

Maximilian Conley


The Artistic Artifice of the Impressionist Gaze: Impressionism, the Look, and the Modern Social Structure Haley Clouser


Not Your ‘Average’ Coup D’État: The 14 July Revolution and the ‘True Coup’ Question

Katie Fordyce


The Underdog Strategy Transatlantic Consistency in French Alliance, 1745-1755

Kathryn Fuselier

Summer 2016

Vanderbilt and the Vietnam Crisis

Laura L. Grove


An Interview with Professor Michael Bess

Editorial Board of the Vanderbilt Historical Review

“That’s Leaving It Pretty Much Up To Jane”: Gendered Citizenship, Explicit Feminism, and Implicit Racism in the 1922 Cable Act

Sarah A. Sadlier


British Palestine, British Communists, and the “Ideo-Logical” System of Labour Monthly

Emerson Bodde


“More Precious Than Peace”: Woodrow Wilson, the German U-boat Campaign, and America’s Path to World War I

Mary E. Gwin


Rejecting Reason and Embracing Modernized Art: How Victory Over the Sun Revolutionized the Russian Avant-Garde

Olivia A. Valentine


Wiedervereinigung oder Anschluss? The Effects of Reunification in Former East Germany

Wenhao (Winston) Du


The Gilded Age: Allen W. Dulles and the CIA

Sada O. Stewart


Thematic Cartography For Social Reform In Chicago, 1894-1923

Rachel Schastok


Look Forward in Confusion: An Evaluation of Postwar Europe’s Interaction with the Pasthadows

Caley Caito


Spring 2016

A Necessary Medium: The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Media Portrayal of the Second Wave Feminist Era

Kathryn Fuselier

Stars and Stripes...and Shamrocks?: Clinton’s Intervention in Northern Ireland

Sean M. Doyle


“Go west, [old] man”: Horace Capron, Gilded Age Capitalism, and the Development of Hokkaido

J. Austin Schaefer


Executive Inaction: John F. Kennedy and the Civil Rights Crisis

Daniel Ruprecht


Ode to Peace or Prelude to War? The Opening Ceremonies of the 1936 Berlin Olympics as Political

Theater Samuel D. Smith


A Tale of Two Cemeteries The Paris Commune, the Haymarket Affair, and the Politics of Memorialization

Paige E. Pendarvis


The Vietnam War as China’s Watershed

Christian Talley


The Trolley Problem: The Demise of the Streetcar in New Haven

Jacob L. Wasserman


Devotion and Decay: Death in the Late Medieval Imagination

Katherine Dixon


Marechera Meaning in the Shadows

Caleb Kahn Feiring


The Bracero Program: A Historical Perspective on the Perpetuation of Isolated Labor Markets in South Texas

Leigh Avera


US-Haitian Relations Adams through Jefferson and Beyond

Shane Andrew Ewing


History at Vanderbilt: Keeping the Memory Alive: The History of the Vanderbilt Holocaust Lecture Series

Editorial Board of the Vanderbilt Historical Review

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